Abraham insisted that Wesleyan principles grounded in critical thought and civil dialogue are no longer embraced by the continuing UMC contingent, which does not align itself with Scripture. The biggest criticism Jesus got was that he “ate with sinners.” Who am I to decide that I can’t be in communion with someone I don’t agree with? I get that, but I honestly find it to be an echo of southern secessionism. He assured that even though separation pains are sure to come, the new Methodism will live on to carry out Wesley's tradition of adhering to the Scriptures once the Protocols are enforced. The only people Jesus didn’t tolerate were the religious elites who were intolerant. "The choice is clear: will we remain in continuity with Wesley's Methodism?" All Original Content Copyright ©2006-2020 American Family Purpose Statement. I honor their decision, and perhaps we will all be able to move forward more freely with bringing people to Christ. I have done so, even if others haven't, and I am only responsible for my own vows. Maine New York "Do we want to have crosses in our churches or rainbow crosses? Rhode Island I am traditional and orthodox. There is too much to be lost. MENU. But this is a moment where I must decide whether to stay at the table and work it out or not, and to me, that’s the very definition of church. Ohio Once this split has taken place, the remaining congregations in the UMC will have a special session to vote where all prohibitions against any of the LGBTQ community will be repealed. 5. If it ends up being presented at, and approved by, the 2020 General Conference in May, then the decades-old wrangling over gay ordination and same-sex marriage may finally come to an end. So I read the Bible through the lens of Christ, who fulfills the law and confounds the Pharisees. The United Methodist Church is set to be split into multiple denominations over the issue of LGBTQ rights. In his address, Abraham brought up his thesis that analyzed the major disagreements between the progressive side of the upcoming UMC split and the biblical traditionalist side – a division that will follow the implementation of the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation. Videos- Answers to your Questions. It would dishonor our family history, but there's something even more important at stake. Love your neighbor as yourself,” said … I respect those who can’t live with differing practices across the country, but our DNA is connectional, not congregational. Utah For me, it’s the way of Jesus, but it’s also about the vows I took. Michigan "mainstream" media. We have 300 methodist bloggers who share their voice through The MethoBlog. Wyoming, Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation, Police on report man was making bombs: 'Hindsight is 20/20', Girl Scouts call on cookie bakers to address child labor, Man called most prolific serial killer in US history dies, Pasadena allows Rose Bowl name to be used in Texas, US bans second Malaysian palm oil giant over forced labor, Nashville man's girlfriend warned he was building bombs, Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dead from COVID-19. Tennessee Texas Iowa 1. Holbrook’s plan has received attention on blog posts by the Rev. North Carolina The United Methodist Church I hope for includes them. He loved every broken person he encountered. Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett has announced that informational gatherings will be held in Huntsville on March 21 and April 4 in Birmingham, where clergy and lay people can gather to talk about issues that will come up when the denomination’s governing body gathers in Minneapolis. About. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Georgia’s most well-known Republican lawmaker predicts Peach State voters will reject the two Democrat nominees who are both mired in controversies with less than a week before the pivotal runoff. I agree with Pinson United Methodist Church Pastor Joe DeWitte who said, “The UMC continues to discover that our church is big enough (because our God is big enough) to include people who disagree on matters that are not creedal.” Here I stand, I can do no other. "In contrast to this 'ill thought-out and suffocating' environment, he said that new Methodism will be in a better position to continue engaging in relief work, charitable efforts, racial issues and issues of injustice in a more strategically wise and doctrinally strong manner. But our Wesleyan tradition is, once again, to interpret Scripture through tradition, reason and experience. News stories each weekday from reporters you can trust without the liberal bias found in much of Abraham posed. Blog; About; Bible 2020; Initial Thoughts on the Proposed Methodist Split. So I choose to accept people for who they are and invite them to God’s table for relationship with Christ. The reason we call it the Word of God is because it reveals Christ, whom the Bible calls the Word. I don’t worship the Bible. Washington Lumetta notes from Abraham's discourse how the UMC's split precludes the left from carrying out the Great Commission (found in Matthew 28:19–20) that Jesus Christ called His Church to carry out. Methodist split: conservative event organizers respond to critics. "Abraham said that pluralism is a weak, 'stop-gap arrangement,' that would be unsustainable and lead to a faction overtaking the entire denomination [calling for] a decision from a denominational level, and then also from an individual level," Lumetta's blog reports. The Methodist split is just further proof that, when it comes to fidelity to Christian teaching versus sex, the latter often prevails. Promises are being made, of course, but I believe that the DNA of a new denomination that forms over cultural disagreements will end up splitting again over the next one. I know too many that are. The plan, called the “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation,” was released Jan. 3 and could be voted on at the General Conference in May. My phone was blowing up today with folks asking me if I had seen the news of a proposed split for the United Methodist Church, and what my thoughts were. This post covers question 24 which identified the greatest concerns about the UMC should there be a split. Minnesota Members of the Renewal and Reform Coalition have been calling for separation or "mitosis." Do our churches rebuke people who are divorced and remarried, not allowing them to serve in ministry? Montana Arizona United Methodist bishop sets meetings to talk about possible split. Our divided culture needs a witness to love that transcends our differences, not giving in to the prevalent “us vs. them” and “either/or” mentality. A group of conservative leaders met on Saturday at ClearBranch United Methodist Church in Trussville to talk about what kind of new, post-split denomination they could form. The debate is incorrectly framed as being about biblical authority, when it is really about culture wars. It is the most evenly widespread denomination in the United States, so there will always be cultural issues. I believe in the virgin birth, the resurrection, the humanity and divinity of Christ, the Trinity and the things addressed in orthodoxy. The Rev. God handles the rest. Blog. I follow the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church even when I get heat for it, gently insisting that all people may participate fully in the ministries, sacraments and programs of the church (yes, that’s in there). I’m not saying we should hold remarried people in judgment, not at all. In a romanticized view of starting a new Methodist denomination, one can forget there are so many positive things to be lost by leaving. I follow Jesus. Conservative Methodists meet, discuss plan for possible split. Resources. There has been a lot of conversation about the possibility of a coming split in The United Methodist Church since General Conference 2019. […] The schism is being planned over a set of social issues that are neither discussed in the Gospels nor addressed in the ancient creeds.