I'm off to marlin now to go fetch a few . I can get to the fuse without removing furniture etc. It must be notified, that the air-conditioning System Saphir Compact can only be operated with the digital control unit with serial-number 23091001 or higher. If your boiler is anything like mine, the fuse you can reach easily to check is the 12v one. This is one reason I wouldn't have a combi if I could fit a non combi - not only do you have no heating (which you can solve by using electric heaters) but you also have no hot water for which there is no solution. Only one minor problem when it would not work on electric last October and the thermal cutout had tripped, cause unknown, pushed the thermal cutout button back and has worked ever since. Truma Combi comfort. I'm assuming it's on top of the boiler somewhere . Contacted Truma by email (fault code two quick yellow flashes then five seconds delay repeat). Regular price $1,699.00 Sale price $1,699.00 Sale. [tl:movies] Related News. English. Go. Fingers crossed for you, It's a 2013 motorhome. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. [Reception]  I'm struggling with figuring out what size the fuse is without actually trying to take it out and measure it! This online instruction manual from Truma explains the basics about the system. It took me about eight hours to strip the boiler out, removing most of the furniture around the boiler. [Tent Reviews], Please note we are not responsible for the content of external sites & any reviews represent the author's personal view only. many thanks for any or all help. The Truma Combi 2E Water & Air Heater is an intelligent dual-purpose machine designed to provide you with uninterrupted heating and hot water on your next road trip. The Truma CP plus serves as an interface repeated. Thanks Pausim and David for the advice. [Shop!] Fan Wheel Air for the Truma Combi with threaded bolt. However, the faulty, melted switch was replaced and cost about £12.00 fitted. We have two heat sensors in the Truma casing. Sorted by the supplier. In an emergency you could probably power the fan directly as this will take heat out of the system and when the water drops below the set temperature the boiler should fire itself back up to heat the water – not as well controlled as when it is working properly but at least you would get hot water and some room heating!. [Event Diary]  We have a Truma Combi system with Truma Secumotion Regulator and Truma Duocomfort automatic bottle changeover system. The flashes on the unit … I'll hopefully have chance to look tomorrow. What is the diameter of the elements on the combi 4e. Sep 8, 2013 593 241 Staffordshire Funster No 27,976 MH Rollerteam 695 Exp 2004 Jul 7, 2017 #1 works fine on gas but for heating and hot water flashes twice yellow when switched on (indicating low or no power ). Thanks I've gone for 10 'Fuse 5x20mm Slow Blow CERAMIC BODY Multi-Variation Listings' from eBay with type 'T10AH250V' for princely sum of £3.31. Thank good I fitted Gazit tanks before this trip so no worries . Well I hope I have found out why the 240v heating is inoperative on the Truma heating. Learn More. [Caravan Sites & Camping]  The Truma book that came with the van is C3402/C6002 Written by another owner of the front of the book is C 603 - E - 15051280 if that means anything In the installation book it is pictured N the box black on the side of the heater, I took off the cover at the top and took off one of the wires, and then the fan started to work. The fuse is a special slow acting 10A one, or at least it was on my last motorhome and I could only get the replacement in by dangling it on the end of a length of cotton. We are operating a split shift system with the warehouse staff so there is never more than 2 people in the warehouse at once. can not only be used for our heater type Combi 4 or Combi 6 (gas/electro- or dieselversion), but is also compatible with our air-conditioning system Saphir Compact and Comfort RC. My control panel gives an error code indicating a mains failure, if your panel is different there may be other differences in your system too but I would be surprised if there wasn't a second fuse somewhere. I found the other fuse and it's blown. I now lower the fuse on a slip knot of cotton, push it into place with my flattened hand and then pull on one end of the cotton to remove it. Truma Combi 4E Combination Boiler and Space Heater Campervan Motorhome. I bought some from Maplin but sadly they are now gone. Description Reviews Shipping & Returns. Now in Italy on an ACCI site no issues - although it is 16c warmer than it was in Germany! Is it '6 x 32mm' as in Pausim's post, or 5x 20mm or "6x 30mm" from Ebay? I had to dismantle the entire bed, ducting, gas and water... Pausim and Mike. A 10A 250V slow blow fuse is what is needed, this came up on a search, When the 240v fuse went on mine Truma - I posted this thread and there was quite a bit of chat regarding fuses. 9 speed levels can Vent be selected. Another problem not caused by the heater itself is long runs of un-insulated blown air pipe running outside under the floor, insulating this will improve matters considerable. Further down under the lower cover is a 240v 10amp slow acring fuse. Truma combi not working on elec. The boiler is totally inaccessible under the rear travelling seats in my Brevio so they finally suggest taking to dealer on return. Electrics Laugh at the cold – how to use your caravan’s heater controls. We also have two Gaslow LPG cylinders fitted. Next Last. Recently purchased a Coachman Vision 2016. Eventually, the fan is going to stop working completely. Back to your problem. However now it will not work. Truma water heater not working on electric It works fine on gas. I have had this one blow 3 times. The fan isn’t working; Not all fan faults are ones that are worth fixing. Truma iNet Box) is connected to the bus sys- and monitor a Combi CP plus ready heater and / or a Truma air tem, the procedure described in “Initial start-up” must be conditioning system. And thanks to Truma heaters, you don’t have to give up any of your familiar comfort. Unlike others the boiler is accessible, and I can see how to remove the panel held with torx screws. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The fuse costs about 30p to memory. Everything installed and working as it should, there is no good reason why the electric heating should not work very well and keep an even temperature to suit your needs. Fingers crossed it's not the element taking out the fuse . I have a 2001 avondale land ranger, the heater is a truma ultraheat 230v, the problem is that the fan is not working in it, the heater is fine and is working on all 3 power settings, just can't get the fan to work.....anyone else had the same problem?? Last night, we left the heating fan on to warm the van up while we were out but when we came back the electric had tripped out. Neither of the fuses had 'blown' which concerned us. This however does not stop certified installer or dealers from working on, repairing or diagnosing your Truma Combi. Brisey. 1 of 2 Go to page. Truma Combi eco plus . Our conclusion was that the power supply on these locations is not sufficient. Fingers crossed I'll find another fuse tonight when I get in from work. Just replaced my 230 v fuse and luckily for me with some sore knuckles and fingers I could get at the torx screws and get the fuse changed without taking the van apart ... thanks for thinking about it Rapido . Truma Combi 4 eco Propane Combination Furnace and Water Heater Kit. So I checked the cooker in the van and all burners worked so there is gas in the bottle. Lovely caravan, but the Truma CP combi boiler doesn't seem to be very effective. However, you are fully covered by our in-house warranty. £57.99 In stock. This Video shows that the magnetic safety switch can activate if the electricity goes off or it gets to cold. The heater is started on the Truma Combi LCD control panel (1) and the required temperature for the heater and warm water is set. 230 Volt bei Elektroversion. Shipping: 0.10 KGS Shipping: Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Shipping & Returns Policy Details. Buy now Truma Beige Control Panel Cover Frame. We are on an aire in Portugal without hookup and until a few days ago the heating was working fine on gas. The important thing is to make sure the mains is completely disconnected, I would unplug at source. £149.98 In stock. My Combi 4 was working fine on gas and electric in France until about the end of September then no electric (water or heating).