WVNews | 17d. To address this challenge, we are proposing a new Open Water Data Initiative that will integrate currently fragmented water information into a connected, national water data framework and leverage existing systems, infrastructure and tools to underpin innovation, … Ground water … Due to water runoff during rainfall, the water flow of the Opequon Creek varies. In the spring, the creek's output of water is very high due to wet conditions during spring. In 2006-2007, the Project Team was involved in monitoring of stream bottom macroinvertebrates and in water quality sampling for bacteria level. Water Supply. Location of (A) water-level observation wells used for development and calibration of the ground-water flow model of, and (B) large-capacity production wells, U.S. Geological Survey streamflow-gaging stations, and wastewater- Lateral hydraulic gradient calculated from water-level records in deep piezometers during the dry season and Opequon Creek flow record (USGS 01614830). One square mile One square mile . Alongside the river for 184 miles winds the Chesapeake and … Study area –Upper Opequon Watershed, Virginia, USA Low lying areas near the creek begin to flood. Opequon Creek water- shed area of Kozar model about 20 square miles. 3/2 that costs you a mile or so of water … Station Number Station name Date/Time Gage height, feet Dis-charge, ft3/s Lake or reser-voir elev-ation, NGVD, feet Lake or there is also a much more convenient take out at Rt. In the summer, the water flow is usually normal, with Thunderstorms raising the water, and short-term droughts lowering the water. This water can Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this home near the Opequon Creek. This 2006 double wide sits on a permanent foundation with a crawlspace. historical flow, water quality, and land use data. 13: Floodwaters spill over into all yards of residences on Creekside Drive, Crooked Creek Drive and East Black Creek Road. This hydrograph for Opequon Creek for water year 2003 shows how precipitation throughout the year influences discharge. The watershed is 14,941 ha in size and is south of the City of Winchester in Frederick County, Virginia. Mill Creek is located in the southeastern part of Berkeley County … SOUTH CHARLESTON — Gov. The study site was the 14,941 ha predominately rural Upper Opequon Watershed in northern Virginia, USA. An investigation of the water quality of Hiatt Run and Lick Run — two tributaries of Opequon Creek in northeastern Frederick County, Virginia. Opequon Creek (WV) Water Year 2003 hydrograph Rain-event dominated system . 13.5: Floodwaters begin to affect one mobile home on Creekside Drive and continue to rise in yards. Water approaches Bowers Road at the low spot near the creek. Effective resource management and development requires that these effects be understood and distinguishable. 598 Opequon Rd is a house in Berryville, VA 22611. The Upper Opequon (39°06'30" N; 78°10'30" W) is part of the Opequon Creek Watershed (Figure 1). Estimate the volume of water in the Hopewell Run watershed Area of Hopewell Run watershed = 10 mi2 (Jones and Deike, 1981) ... “Low-Level” VOCs Water-Quality Assessment of the Potomac River Basin: Water-Quality and Selected Spatial Data - Water-Quality and Water-Level Data for a Freshwater Tidal Wetland, West Branch Canal Creek, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland - Water quality, sediment quality, and stream-channel classification of Rock Creek, Washington, D.C. - The investigation was conducted by a Shenandoah University research team in 2008. Your blood is about 80% water and your lungs are 90% water. Channel Gains and Losses Channels in carbonate terrane can lose flow along some reaches through solution openings in the streambed when the stream channel is above the ground-water level. Opequon Creek near Berryville (BYVV2) Pamunkey River near Hanover (PAMV2) Passage Creek near Buckton (BTNV2) Peak Creek (VA) at Pulaski (PCRV2) Piankatank River above Wharf Creek near Hudgins VA (WCKV2) Pigg River near Sandy Level (SANV2) Piney River at Piney River (PIRV2) Piney Run at Reston (Northern Sector Pond 1) (RNSV2) Opequon Creek Frontage **SELLER SAYS BRING ALL REASONABLE OFFERS** on this gorgeous building lot with 258' of frontage on the Opequon Creek in an established neighborhood with paved roads and public sewer. Snowmelt Summer Thunderstorm San Juan River (CO) Water Year 2003 Hydrograph AGCHEM application to repr. Contacts for Opequon Creek Project Team (OCPT) working to reduce pollution in Opequon Creek. Water flow. OPEQUON CREEK. Rain Barrel Workshop Water An additional, more local motivation for addressing nutrient levels is “nutrients are so abundant in the Opequon Creek sub-watershed that stream health is threatened,” according to an Ecological Assessment published by WVDEP (West Virginia Division of Water and Waste Management, 2005). $135,000 • 3-beds • 2-baths. The Upper Opequon HSPF model hydrology was calibrated for the period 1987 to 1992 and validated from 1993-1997 in the 2003 Opequon Creek bacteria TMDLs [6, 21] at a daily time-step. The study was conducted in 2008 under a contract with The Opequon Targeted Watershed Project, which is coordinated locally by The Opequon … activity level of local watershed groups. Droughts and urbanization may both adversely affect water availability and quality. streamflow to Opequon Creek was from Tuscarora Creek, which measured 17.0 ft3/s (7,630 gal/min) at Burke Street (site 65; table 1, fig.1). The creek begins to overflow its banks in a few spots. County level data are useful when modeling large watersheds such as the Chesapeake Bay Watershed when collection and use of site-specific data may be cost prohibitive. Figure 1. Researchers used benthic macroinvertebrates (BMIs) as biological indicators of water quality. Most of the water we bathe in, cook in, and drink – including many well known bottled waters, soft drinks and beer – comes from the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. A portion of Bowers Road is also flooded. Effects of Watershed Land Use Data on HSPF Water Quality in the Upper Opequon Watershed in northern Virginia, USA January 2014 American Journal of Water Resources 2(3):54-62 Overall, lateral gradients from hillslope to stream dictate the lateral water movement through the floodplain. Featuring a large kitchen with an island, spacious living room, owner bath with separate garden tub and shower, this property offers a great deal of potential. Floodwaters begin to cover Douglas Grove Road (County Road 9/16) east of Martinsburg. Water is lapping at the foundations of all ground level homes in these areas. Karst aquifers of the type found in the Great Valley, WV-VA, are an essential resource for agricultural, domestic and public water supplies. 598 Opequon Rd was built in 1988 and last sold on November 10, 2020 for $1,525,000. Drought Monitor; Current Drought Monitor Map; ... Opequon Creek : Conococheague Creek : Antietam Creek : Monocacy River : Goose Creek : Seneca Creek : US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Middle Atlantic RFC i do not agree with the II(III) rating of the creek. Grid DAP Data Sub-set Table DAP Data Make A Graph W M S Source Data Files Title Sum-mary FGDC, ISO, Metadata Back-ground Info RSS E mail Institution Dataset ID This 5,230 square foot house sits on a 66 acre lot and features 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Trout to be stocked at Coopers Rock Lake. understanding of ground-water availability, especially in relation to drought and population growth, is needed to effectively manage water resources in the watershed. In the spring, the creek's output of water is very high due to wet conditions during spring. TerraFly GeoQuery: Easily by-example query USGS Water Stream Gauges at 801 WHANN AVE, MC LEAN, VA 22101 or any location -- GeoQuery: USGS Water Stream Gauges near 801 WHANN AVE, MC LEAN, VA 22101 Latitude 38.9598 Longitude -77.17567 Opequon Creek and tributaries Potomac Rt,yer Study area boundary 15 Kilometers Figure Map showing :oc.ation of water-level ûãsen;ation wells used for and calibra- tion af the grounNwter flcw model of the Opequon Creek watershed, Virginia and West Virginia 220000 240000 Hedge Martinsburg 2' 0000 EXPLANATION Bound.ies River Streams area of m Odel Be sure to pack your fishing rods and outdoor sporting equipment. Lick Runs are tributaries of Opequon Creek. The Opequon, in turn, empties into the Potomac River and then the Chesapeake Bay. In the summer, the water flow is usually normal, with Thunderstorms raising the water, and short-term droughts lowering the water. Your brain is 70% water. Horses allowed. it is similar in difficulty to nearby sleepy creek and i have no problems paddling this section going upstream (in low water) as well as down. The land itself is 53 acres of a very rare mix of open fields, extensive woods, hills and valleys, and with a full 1/2 mile of Opequon Creek access and ownership. Jim Justice has directed the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to implement additional improvements to its fall trout stocking method. Based on Redfin's Berryville data, we estimate the home's value is … You are mostly water. In the fall, the water level is usually below-normal due to dry conditions and lower rainfall. Fay Spring Surface- and ground-water resources in the karst terrain that dominates the Opequon Creek watershed are closely linked. FROM WASHINGTON TO OPEQUON CREEK The Potomac above Washington is a fascinating river, which quickly sheds its urban character and becomes a near wilder-ness, full of history and wildlife. Level area on the creek, some woods and an elevated building site. In the inset, the red area is the Mill Creek watershed, and the gray area surrounding and including it is the Opequon Creek watershed. Frederick Water plans to draw up to 8 million gallons per day of drinking water from Opequon Creek, a roughly 64-mile Potomac River tributary. Location of the Mill Creek watershed, Berkeley Co., West Virginia.