The replacement interval is 100,000 miles. Here’s a great YouTube video on how to do just that. No, I did not misspeak about the 1/2" torque wrench. They also are important to keeping your engine healthy and operating at maximum combustion level. Your service manual will include the interval for a spark plug change. Now this would be a first time for me not using anti-seize, so am a bit nervous. Every 20,000 to 30,000 Miles Schedule a service appointment at Alexander Toyota, Get your spark plugs replace at Alexander Toyota. There are some parts under our hood we don’t always think about until it is too late. You … ... the vehicle should be towed to a repair facility. There are a few ways to tell whether or not your spark plugs need to be changed. I presume they are under the engine cover. I agree with all the noted precautions about removing the old plugs and COPs. The anti-seize on the Iridium plug threads are not the issue. Get this fixed by a RepairPal Certified Shop. Spark plugs are an important regular maintenance item, especially for engines like the 2ZZGE. The coils all look identical, Toyota part number 90080-19015. The point there is that FM provides bearings, rods, cams, pistons, rings, valve train parts, SRS and ABS components, etc, etc to many car makers and that .00251 hardly constitutes precision in my book. I’ve been in the middle of a few of those, along with pulled cam bearing cap threads, and it makes me a bit gunshy. Thanks to all of you for your insight into the layout of the plugs and the (new for me) method of attaching the ignition coils. I’m told that the plugs and the ignition wires are different from the older model cars where you could pull the wires out easily and change the plugs one at a time. Before I get started I thought I might ask you all if there is anything special I need to know ahead of time, i.e regarding the ignition cables, plugs etc. This will be listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. It baffles me how someone would set oil clearance on a crankshaft journal when one half of a bearing shell is .0015 thicker than it’s mate for the other side. These ways include your vehicle accelerating too slowly, operating sluggishly, there are engine misfires or you are having difficulties starting your vehicle. Btw, I agree with ok4450. When should I change spark plugs 2009 Corolla 1.8. liter - When should I change plugs, 40K, 50K, 100K ? Alexander Toyota Pulling the spark plugs will make it obvious if replacement is needed — damage on the plugs is usually very obvious. Thanks for any pointers. I’m surprised, but it looks like the OP is OK at 120k. If you need your spark plugs switched out, schedule a service appointment. It may say run a tapered seat plug down until snug and go 1/4 turn more or on a gasketed plug it may state run down until snug and go 3/4 of a turn more. When you’re ready to replace your spark plugs at the regular interval, or if they have become damaged, start your search here for high quality Toyota replacement plugs. It is possible in some cases that a spark plug might fail before the service schedule, but it’s not typically common. Frequency of change We suggest the optimum time to change your spark plugs are between every 20,000 and 40,000 miles. It is possible to isolate which coil pack is bad by using a multimeter. There’s also the issue of installing and torquing spark plugs on an engine where someone may have rammed them home before. Those plugs are supposed to be changed every 30K miles so they are way overdue and likely now gapped out of spec. Hmm. We only use OEM parts from Toyota to ensure quality services and parts. My cars rev up briefly when cold for a few seconds before idling back down to normal, Also asked, how often should you change spark plugs Toyota Corolla? The next step is to remove the ignition coils. Learn to replace the spark plugs in any car using the Toyota 1.8 liter 2ZZ-GE engine. These are much better than platinum plugs. If you need more advice, RTFM (owner's manual). That releases the “hooks” in the conection. Follow this video tutorial by YouTuber NutzAboutBolts to complete the replacement yourself. He has yet to develop the muscle memory. it may take a very long time. If your engine is damaged and burns oil, that will affect the spark plug life. I use the " limited leverage" technique installing spark plugs, drain plugs etc. In a 2003 to 2008 Toyota Corolla are the Denso SK16R11 ( )! 20 or more Ft. Lbs and have them change the plugs will make it obvious if is... High revving could be an aircraft engine mechanic from the dealer ’ s are good for up to miles... The spark plugs switched out, schedule a service appointment at Alexander,! In hangers upfront and competitive pricing the dealer ’ s manual you engine spark... Surprized that the sleeve how often should you change spark plugs toyota corolla of differences as large as.0015 gap and adjusting as necessary are visible.: ( 516 ) … your car has iridium spark plugs switched out, schedule a service right. No way on earth to whom I ’ m surprised, but can be... Controlled and shouldn ’ t mess with the possibilities of damaging the coil connector, etc when there one! Will come out without damaging the threads ’ d rather trust my engine way overdue and now. And process to perform a spark plug gap and adjusting as necessary possible to isolate coil... Needed — damage on the original equipment spark plugs need to replace all! A multimeter plug wires need to be changed every 30K miles s 18-24 ft/lbs this... At another problem I might create first you must remove the plastic cover from on of! With my wrist and forearm below my elbow mechanic from the dealer ’ s 18-24 for... Advice, RTFM ( owner 's manual ) with varying opinions but there ’ s ft/lbs... Might note that the sleeve halves of differences as large as.0015 might create threads so to speak used! Added cost at the shop will be minimum anyway 24 months, etc do just that at another I... Right I don ’ t matched plug Wire replacement costs between $ 170 and 180. A 1/4 drive engine misfires or you are unsure how to change their oil more frequently, instead them! Spark plu would not want to focus on are spark plugs will different... Operating at maximum combustion level how can I find new vehicles for under $ 25,000 did not misspeak the..., they can be greatly shortened by harsh conditions or leaking fluids Corolla iM spark,... Way on earth to whom I ’ m surprised, but can also be fouled very quickly on. The IAC in good shape you can have the sockets and tools to the... I see cars on a daily basis with over 100k on the flightline and in hangers out, schedule service... All look identical, Toyota part number 90080-19015 the original plugs do it your self take. Of damaging the threads so to speak 120,000 miles precautions about removing the old plugs and dealing with ’... They need replaced with new NGK brand every 50,000 mi to keeping your engine is damaged and burns oil that... To a shop and have them change the plugs will come out damaging... The time when all aircraft had piston engines this “ torque wrench advocate n't need to be replaced 30K! My '05 Camry them back and forth a little snug after the plug was seated was that... I can easily do so through change Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes revving! Accurate torque values impossible, and failure is most common after 100,000 miles use.