Water is about 18” low from July levels and water temperature is 56 degrees as of Sunday. We would catch a few and they would be gone (guess thats how it goes on Rainy). Many professional anglers rank Rainy Lake as the very top multi-specie lake in the world. Fished Rainy earlier this week on Tues.-Wed. Lots of may flies  meant fish that weren't too hungry . An update from the lake at Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River. ... Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake staying and fishing in MN waters. Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught. Click below for cool video! Fishing Report 9.21.2020 . Rainy Lake’s Full-Service Resort. Below are their rates for full-day and half-day trips. Up at the Northwest Angle, anglers report a strong walleye bite on the mud adjacent to reefs and islands. A lot of huge walleye continue to be pulled from the south end of Lake … Rainy Lake Walleye Fishing Rainy Lake has one of the best managed walleye populations in Minnesota. — Lake of the Woods Tourism, (800) 382-FISH . Learn more about this incredible success story! On the river they have been catching some bass, northerns and a few walleye and saugers. Pike? Rainy is a really impressive body of water with amazing structure and a guy could get lost looking for crappies on the lake. I don't understand this, but several sources have told me this, so instead of targeting Musky, I guess we are going to try and CPR some nice Pike. ... reports busy weekend with fishing and boating enforcement on Rainy Lake. Cold fronts can slow the bite some but be patient and work lures. Fishing Report 9.21.2020. 2/20/2020 Comments . The majority of ice fishing is done on the main lake during the ice fishing season where there isn’t current. Very slow for us on walleye and that was all we fished. The International Falls Bass Championship is a unique bass fishing event on Rainy Lake and Rainy River, MN. Raw account east winds and occasional drizzle but, did well over wood in 19-20 fow for crappies and walleyes . The 17-26 inch protected slot limit for walleye on Deer, Battle and Pickerel lakes in Itasca County have been dropped. We would catch a few and they would be gone (guess thats how it goes on Rainy). Rainy River Fishing Reports. Lake of the Woods Rainy River Fishing Report. There can be some good ice fishing on the Rainy, but with current in the river, work through a resort for safety. Using the one-two punch of jigging one line and deadsticking with a live minnow for the second line. Snowmobile trails both on land around the lake and across the lake up to the NW Angle are open! Fished on Monday with Capt Matt of Rainydaze guide service . ... On the Rainy River… Ice fishing on the river mainly by locals has been good overall. Just got back from vacation from Rainy Lake. On the south end…  Some excellent Ice fishing this week. Fished with Donnie O'Bert from Rainy Daze guide service , great person to spend a day in the boat with ! Rainy Lake is known across the country for it's great fishing. Right now fishing is slow with males still making up the bulk of the catch, but you know at some point the big gals will get the urge to start moving up river. Come March, who isn’t itching to get out on the water, soak up the sun, and float the day away while waiting for the big one? Colors, gold, glow, glow red, pink. Fishing was tough with the ...more Mayfly hatch, but we did pretty well with quite a few walleyes in the slot limit that had to be released. Baudette – Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River. Ohio Fishing Report – December 23, 2020 Anglers continue to ply the open waters of Lake Erie and are catching walleyes and yellow perch with much regularity. Explore Minnesota fishing report: Ice conditions improve with onset of colder weather ... International Falls-Rainy Lake and the Rainy River. 2018 is sure to be a year of great fishing, hiking and boating adventures, and there will be no better place to experience it all than Voyageurs National Park. Category: fishing reports. The landings are all open now and the ice has retreated all the way past Baudette. Anybody know if the mayflies have hatched? They've never been there and they're looking to have their first shore lunch !! The MN State record, also caught on LOW was 19.67 lbs. More info on Facebook at Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road 2020. Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 27'. We never locked into them. Hey WalleyeDreamer how did you do last week. Great morning – evening bite in 15-19′ of water. Get Exclusive Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Reports, Lake Profiles, Tips and more! ... On the Rainy River… Ice fishing on the river mainly by locals has been good overall. Sorry for the late report. Eelpout or burbot are great eating. Are the fish showing up on the reefs yet ? Guess the fishing was picking up when we were leaving. With great fishing on the lake and river, we take full advantage of the great fishing the borderland has to offer. Today those lucky enough to fish Rainy Lake experience fantastic walleye action. Mother Nature has done her part and so have the area snowmobile clubs. Why are all these Minnesota fisherman assholes? Category: fishing reports. Department of Natural Resources report for the week of June 22, 2020. Anglers fishing on their own are using ATVs, snowmobiles and side-by-sides to head out, with a nice mix of walleye and sauger being taken. Purple crank baits got a few northerns trolling. I’falls to Indus River is open. Copyright © 2020 Lake-Link Inc. All rights reserved. I have not seen or heard from anyone on the form so I thought I would post some pictures of opening weekend on rainy lake, May 16 and 17. Rainy Lake Sportfishing Club, International Falls, Minnesota. Great trails, beautiful scenery, well groomed, and low traffic as everyone is fishing. I am heading up in 2 weeks and am curious what is working. Communicate with your favorite NW Angle resort for specifics and safety. Great morning – evening bite in 15-19′ of water. 1/8th oz. CO Darrin Kittelson (International Falls) reports the opening of the pine marten and fisher trapping season was slow, with few trappers out in the woods. Looking to bring our G'kids up next week if weather and winds allow ! Lake of the Woods Fishing Report – December 17, 2020 [video] Full speed ahead with winter angling – and a new twist for accessing/fishing the Northwest Angle . The International Falls Bass Championship is a unique bass fishing event on Rainy Lake and Rainy River, MN. Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught. Special regulations for muskellunge on Elk Lake (Clearwater County) have been dropped. Some nice walleyes are being caught in various spots of the river. Fishing Report 9/16/2020. They were there tho' , and, if they were off the bottom , they were feeding . They were in deeper flats where there was a good amount of moving water (either wind or current) with access to deep water. The majority of ice fishing is done on the main lake during the ice fishing season where there isn’t current. Very rude and don't know how to operate there boat on the water. Reports of some big predators (pike and muskies) being caught as ice up is close." Lady Ice Anglers: StrikeMaster Allie Jacket and Bibs Serves Up Go-All-Day Ice Fishing Comfort and Performance, Take Your Ice Fishing to a New Level with New Sufix Advance Ice Monofilament, Cast Small Swimbaits For Big Cold Water Bass, Eye Up Some Incredible Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Walleye Angler, Lake Vermilion Resort & Tourism Association. PM's welcome and I appreciate the help greatly!!! The weekly fishing report will be resuming soon so I wanted to give a brief description of what can be found up here in the Ely area. [Minneapolis-St. Paul Area] Northwest Minnesota. A complete list of lodging and ice fishing packages available at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging, Snowmobile trails both on land around the lake and across the lake up to the NW Angle are open! We have found some decent fishing on that half of the lake (we only fish the MN side), but for the most part we head toward the Brule Narrows every day and fish there or east on the reefs. Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge November 3, 2020 Similar to the south end of the lake, spinners and crawlers or trolled crank baits are producing good numbers of fish. Most resorts are now using light ice rigs to transport guests to their fish houses. Mornings and evenings have produced the best walleye action. I go there the first week of October. Mornings and evenings have produced the best walleye action. Baudette – Lake of the Woods & the Rainy River. Ice conditions vary greatly, work through a resort for safety. The very popular Fishing the Midwest television series will start... Minnesota News. We fished pretty hard a enjoyed the heck out of the lake but never dialed into the fish. Smallmouth? For those who dream of catching pike in the 30-40 degree category, Rainy Lake is the place to be! For this reason, we have countless visitors from thousands of miles book a yearly trip to this area. For those essentials out on the lake, whatever we don’t have, we can get for you! Hopefully things are getting better with this fall weather. 2/20/2020 Comments . Coming up for a week 7/15-7/22 and hoping that I miss it! Spring walleyes on the rainy river rainy river on midwest outdoors tv fall run of walleyes on the rainy river fishing report for march 30 rain wind ice fishing report archive march 20172016 Rainy River Spring Run Fishing Reports In Depth OutdoorsLake Of The Woods Mn Fishing Report Page 1 PublicationsOutdoor Report Fall Walleye Fishing … 2 Comments. Eelpout or burbot are great eating. Lodging & Ice Fishing Packages Available 3 nights lodging and 2 full days of ice fishing starting at $373 per person. Fish were scattered all over the place. On inland waters, the perch, crappie, and saugeye bite in shallow water has been the best thing going. Minnesota Fishing Report – December 22, 2020 Walleye reports were better this week than last, but that’s likely due to better ice conditions to the north and more anglers getting out. Ice Update 12/13/20 ... but it is progress and one step closer to the beginning of the 2020-2021 ice fishing season kickoff. Ice fishing is in full swing on Lake of the Woods. Lake of the Woods, Rainy River. Caught enough below the slot for 2 shore lunches and 3 limits to bring home. Fish were scattered all over the place. Between checking ice conditions, cutting through fallen trees, fixing.... Perfecting the Tease to Ice More Walleyes, lakeofthewoodsmn.com/snowmobile-trails-on-land-and-ice-are-open/. Afternoons, 22-26′ have been best. An angler caught an eelpout just over 17 lbs this week. Jigging spoons with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging line. Sportsman Lodge Rainy River Fishing Report. On the south end… The traditional fall jig bite for walleyes is in full swing. CO Curtis Simonson (International Falls) reports ice-fishing activity is on the rise in the area. Our Canada trip was cancelled of course. Fishing on Rainy Lake is fantastic! A few animal-related complaints were handled as well. When the ice conditions are good, our frozen lake is speckled with hundreds of ice-fishing shelters. Stream Trout and Lake Trout are most active during the winter months, traditionally slower times of the ice fishing season. On the south end… Anglers are pulling in nice catches of walleyes with some big trophy walleyes mixed in as well. Big Fork/ Little Fork still froze”